Saturday, August 15, 2009

Visual Studio 2008 on Sony Vaio Type P

At first, I never had doubts that VS2k8 won't work in VAIO P, running my current specs because I have a desktop PC in our office where I use to run VS. I just wondered if ATOM processor would have any case.

My PC at the previous office that I worked was 2Ghz,2GB RAM (whose the 1GB RAM ambushed by the IT dept manager... leaving 1GB to the poor PC). The PC is not dual core, so is ATOM too. I thought it would be a bit slow, but I was glad to see things work better and even more responsive.

This would really be a great help to code extra applications, or even class libraries since I'm an ongoing person, very busy in my studies, work, money earning opportunites and also party. I would definitely enjoy my VAIO P everyday and coding in Starbucks when necessary. I also installed Fireworks for some image editing on the go. But still I would rather use a desktop for a full development, I'm just making this beautiful machine to be more useful despite it's sexy small light dimension.

I also installed VLC and tried to play some movies, but the video is quite lagging. Anyway, I don't pay much attention to the videos anymore, I don't have time to watch them anyway.

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