Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ubuntu on Vaio P

I always wanted to try Linux distro on Vaio P. I've been eyeing for Ubuntu for quite a long time since among the Linuxes, it closely resemble that of Windows OSes.

My experience installing it? One, after I checked the list of their netbooks and I didn't see Sony Vaio P, I feel somewhat discouraged but still I ended up trying. First I downloaded their NBR (Netbook remix) and this also did no help at all. The one who extract the image file to be used on USB is quite stubborn that it will be luck that you will get your own installer in USB. I kept on googling on the NBR live CD version but didn't get any so I ended up with the ISO file. They said the NBR is more suited for Netbooks for its small display, but maybe they took Sony's announcement seriously, that VAIO P is not a Netbook... yeah right, whatever...

With the optical drive, I installed Ubuntu. Even with no experience with Ubuntu or other linuxes, you can install it. Everything is working fine, sound mute, increase/decrease, but brightness key doesnt. also the two special buttons (XMB button and the one next to it) doesn't work.

There is no problem about the devices, Wireless Drivers, Bluetooth, MS and SD card readers, LAN , but the display is not optimized. It is very slow... I saw some blog that says that person successfuly installed some drivers, but maybe that person isn't willing to share the real story as you 'll always get an error, contrary to what is said, smooth upgrade.

And another thing, if you plan to dual-boot Windows OS/Ubuntu, you'll always get your MBR overwritten with LILO if you choose to install that on a partition. If your Windows OS doesn't boot up, use a recovery from your installation. But after that, your fresh install Ubuntu is gone and you need the Ubuntu CD again. And after this Windows is gone again...while (you are not tired installing) etc...

So my opinion... if wasn't for BT3/BT4, I wouldn't have installed it. Now I'm also thinking if I should just wipe it again and deal with booting XP again one last time, since I know Ubuntu LILO will cripple my VAIO again because I removed it. My option is just to use a USB for loading BT3/BT4.

I think XP is still the OS for VAIO P.

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  1. Hi how are you. I´ve been installed UBUNTU 10.04 netbook in my Vaio P. and, I have the same problem with the Display is to Slow. Because the MGA 500 grafic chip is no Reconognice for Vaio P. I installed XP, but i don´t like it. Do you fund a solution for this problem? mi email is