Thursday, October 22, 2009

Development Tools on VAIO P

Since I always prefer to carry a laptop, just in case something terrible (although not wishing) happen, I started to consider VAIO P and now, I'm enjoying what it is worth, a portable machine that can switch a variety of functions I need.

Below are some videos I posted. I now develop web applications using VAIO P. Although mine have 256GB, size doesn't matter anymore, since you can just remotely access your codes thru IIS 7 Manager. Remote feature delegation is the key here, you can manage the web server as configured by the Admin, of course. Now, this saves an e-mail asking Net Admin to make re-write codes who doesn't even like to write your Regular Expression Re-route rules.

And wow, using MSSQL too is very sexy, development with an IDE is very helpful as it saves some split seconds thinking and now MS SQL too. This is really something.