Saturday, August 22, 2009

Fireworks on Sony Type P

Installed Fireworks and it runs smoothly. I even tried using it without a mouse, heheh. On the screencap, you can even see that I'm running Visual Studio. I'm currently making a new library out from one I used before on my web developments. Without any lagging on refresh, I think Vaio P can handle what I used to do on normal web development. Even debugging too. I know it won't be that much, but installing SQL Server might be good too. I'm considering the EXPRESS version though. I'm also using this Vaio P for running Phyton scripts. This is really great since I don't have to carry a very big bag and bring it all the way. All I have to do is to slip it in a mini bag, I'll also carry the charger, if I'm planning to stay longer outside, but usually I don't carry it, since it can last 4-5 hours without the charger, I probably won't stay that long outside if I have somerush things to do, but my point is, if there is a sudden need to access the Net or update some of my scripts somewhere, I'll just open my P91HS, connect, get the files, update it, debug on my PC, then save and upload back.. Very convinient for someone like me who don't like to get a pile of work on my desk, and have things done if I have the opportunity. Now, Image editing is not an exception

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