Thursday, July 30, 2009

Windows Vista : Pre- Installed and Windows Vista : Clean Install Load Benchmark

After days dealing with Windows 7, I finally decided to just reinstall the Original OS in English (mine is Japanese version). Then I asked myself if Is Windows 7 really worth tweaking for Vaio Type P? I recently installed Windows 7 on my P91HS, and speed is really impressive, compared to the pre-installed Vista. But, after I installed antivirus(just it), it started to slow down, plus the screen doesn't refresh much, leaving black squares that needs to be unshrouded. (this is because the device drivers is not intentionally for Windows 7). I'm not sure on windows XP, but windows 7 gets really slow after installing something. So, I am considering to just use Vista (English one, because I have pre-installed Japanese). Having the pre-installed and clean install partition by partition .

You can see that the result nearly matches the speed of fresh installed Windows 7. That's because there are no other services to load, but the real thing can be proven when you installed all the applications that you use.

Instead of installing other OS(es), I'll just install some applications first, especially those that I frequently use. You might say installing Visual Studio on Type P is useless, but let's check on that one.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Windows 7 and Windows Vista Boot Time Comparison | Sony Vaio Type P91HS

I just installed Windows 7 on Sony Vaio Type P91HS. This test is to check the boot time from the OS selection. You can see the results by watching these videos.

Windows 7 really loads faster than Vista, but the difference is just a matter of seconds. Both of these are fresh installation OS(es). Sometimes Windows 7 are lagging, specially after hibernation, but maybe that will improve once it is released with device drivers that really belong to Windows 7.

When I installed Windows 7 and checked the crossbar mode, I noticed that some files get appended with ".files". Probably I've overwritten the crossbar mode files of the Vista, with my installation in Windows 7, but it is still functional, didn't hurt except for the duplicates with extension.

One thing to consider in Vista is that, you can use Readyboost. If you are using Vaio for quite some time like me, you can just insert a Memory Stick there, 2GB will do and let ReadyBoost use it. This will significantly make your Vista Installed Vaio more responsive. If Windows 7 can have that too, it would be great plus their new feature "Bit Locker", which seems another security feature of Windows 7. I hope they release a new service pack for Vista to have some features of Windows 7 in it.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Start to VAIO P Life | P91HS

I just pre-ordered and received my VAIO Type P. I know, it lacks processing power and if it is raw processing power I wanted, I would go for desktop computer. I took Sony Vaio Type P because all I wanted in a netbook (or maybe not, as Sony said) is in there.

Sony Vaio scaled with Sony VAIO FE53
First, I need a notebook to type things. This could be MS office documents, notepad things, javascripts, or even server side scripts like PHP/ASP where afterwards be uploaded in a remote server. I need this net book to be portable, without making my shoulders uneven after months of carrying it everyday. I also need to move around to gather digital materials, like pictures or videos. I'm thinking if I can install some low resources image manipulation software, but I'll save that for last.

VAIO P91HS scaled with 10,000 yen
And here it is. The Sony VAIO Type P. I have the P91HS model, 256GB SSD HD, 2.0Ghz, 2.0GB RAM. You can start normal windows and the so called instant mode, crossbar menu resembling that of PSP/PS3. I hope we can customize the environment too like in PSP. Anyway, this is the feature I've been looking for notebooks for a long time, and maybe in computer. I don't know if this case is the same for some people, but I always find myself in a hurry just to check some e-mails or website then just shutdown the computer. I think I'll find myself using the crossbar mode frequently.

P91HS Vaio scaled with a book

And how was it? In Akihabara, they say that when you take the large battery, it can last up to 9 hours. That's why I took the large battery. It is quite bulky, but I don't mind. It doesn't weigh that much anyway. But, when I tried using this, I started sitting at Starbucks at 6pm and when I left at 9pm, the battery is drained. All I do is surf the internet, and no youtube too because I don't have the flash player yet. So I'm thinking, maybe this 9 hours campaign is that, if you just browse on the crossbar mode. And another thing to note. If you would use a data stick, like I do (e-mobile), that thing doesn't work in CrossBar mode. You can connect to LAN/WLAN but if it is a USB device that relies on a windows installer, that thing is useless in Crossbar mode.

I'm also planning to exorcise this netbook sometime. I just installed Windows 7, and I'll post all the resources I've find on the net as well as the errors that I've encountered that they don't suffered (maybe I'm cursed).

I also tried to compare the loading time of Vista and Windows 7. This is great because I just installed Vista and Windows 7, both fresh. And you know the difference? Windows 7 is just ahead by few seconds, maybe 7 or 6, but never get past 10 seconds. I also encountered some lagging and the screen in Windows 7 sometimes don't refresh, and CrossBar Instant Mode is not an exception to this. I'll post some videos too for follow up. So, I think a properly configured Vista machine can match Windows 7 machine, provided they have same hardware specs. Plus , Vista have readyboost.

How about you? Will you also buy a type P?