Wednesday, August 5, 2009

10 Factors That might ruin your Vaio P Experience

These are the list of things that you need to consider before getting yourself a Vista/Windows 7 Vaio P. It is indeed a lifestyle computer if it satisfy your needs (or maybe wants). After using this gadget for almost 2 weeks, the only OS I have in mind with Instant Mode functionality is XP.

Here are some of the things that ruined the image of the Vaio P that I thought it was (using 2GB,2.0Ghz,256GB SSD Vaio P 91HS)

1. Instant Mode - Locked to Installed Directory
I kept on yelling to this feature."Why do you have to lock yourself in Windows installation". I can't even change the directory and it is locked to the same directory where you installed this Instant Mode. I may install Windows, Linux(es) or Mac OS(es) and may partition a space in HD for Data. Unfortunately, I can't even set Instant Mode OS to look for other drives.

2. Slow....
That is very expected. Vista is really slow, and you'll just get sick looking at the screen that eventually freeze. Windows 7 is much faster, but by some factor. Try installing Anti-Virus software and see how things go. I even tried to set my Vaio to best performance, but still it is slow. And Windows 7 doesn't accept help from ReadyBoost since it says it won't really help a lot..(what an arrogant brat...). A speed tip would be, try to minimize your screen resolution to 800x600. But wait! Isn't this is what VAIO p is good at? The 1600x 7++ resolution?

3. Screen doesn't refresh
--black screens. Try loading after installing AV software. Your screen would look like Red Alert C and C screen that you need to unshroud. (aye Sir!).

4. Instant Mode without USB support

-although you can connect to the internet (LAN/WAN) using the instant mode, you can't use it to connect to internet if you didn't have the WAN/GPS modem. Instant mode cannot detect USB devices other than the SD card/Sony MS card. Even USB storage too.

5. The nipple stick
- it is really there and expect to hit it accidentally while typing. However you can disable the stick thru Vaio Control Center if you prefer to use mouse. But if you just forgot this mouse, you just have to navigate back to enable it using Alt + Underlined letters.

6. Keyboard marks on the screen
-ever used it for hours and shut the lid. Check again after some time. The marks will be there. Since the VAIO P can really get hot, when the lid is shut close, some of the paint can stick to this glossy monitor

7. Battery life

-The battery life using a large battery, using it thru OS can be at 4 hours maximum and 2hours minimum. I'm not sure about the ordinary battery, but I guess it would be less. So if you really plan to use it for a long time, turn off some unnecessary feature. If you would just type some document, turn off the wireless switch, lower or mute sound and make it less bright as much as you can. If you can rely on the Instant mode, to use the internet then take advantage of it, it really saves time (and annoyance if using a slow OS like vista).

8. Instant Mode can't play all of my Media files (audio, video, pictures)

- yep.. a big disappointment. But I'm hoping that they would upgrade this to be much like the PSP.

For Photos, it can only open BMP, PNG and JPEG.
For Music files, MP3, WMA and AAC. I've tried a WMA but not all file plays...
For Video, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, WMV /ASF. Too bad, no AVI.....

9. Instant Mode has this keyboard bug thing.

-this goes for those who bought the Japanese version. If they are not comfortable with the Japanese interface, they can change it to English. If they check the keyboard type of this english GUI, only 3 options are available, English(US), English (UK) and Portuguese(Brazil). If they try to type something, like browsing internet, they can suffer from those Japanese keyboard- English output bug (This is easy to fix if you're using the OS, but... instant mode cannot do it, maybe at this time). Good thing if you can remember the QWERTY arrangement or you like to play some keyboard guessing.

10. Instant Mode background is limited to 3
- How can we personalize this? We can't even set our own wallpaper. If this can have something like PSP's interface, this would really be a good gadget. Also, I hope they upgrade the firmware in such a way that playing music while on picture slideshow is possible. (If this is PSP, I would make the settings 336/ something... = fast).

I really like my VAIO. That's why I'm trying to find some way to improve it. I'm really busy would always check the internet. Checking mails, updating some javascript/serverside script or even checking youtube. I hope they can improve the Instant Mode to be much like what they have done for the PSP.

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